The Comp Sci Project began in 2018 While I was teaching at very high-performing independent school with a troubling achievement gap. While White and Asian students enrolled and participated in the advanced level in computer science classes, African-American students and Latino students rarely enrolled in these classes. I found the same trend across gender groups, and my female students rarely Elected to take Computer Science.

Few African-American, Latino, Girls and low-income students enroll in computer science classes nationally. Research shows the power of computer science education in propelling students toward completing college, and increasing the number of students who study STEM disciplines.

The Comp Sci Project is intended to develop a series of coordinated, research-supported components aimed to support underrepresented Groups in grades 8 through grade 12. The Comp Sci project aims to intentionally populating computer science classes with a critical mass of students of color, Girls and low-income students,

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